If you want to customize or plan unique aspects for your special someone, that is done with a consultation. Your package and add-ons and upgrades can be added later, so don't worry about add-ons when making your appointment.

• Epic Custom Date Planning Consultation

Coaching sessions provide you will confidence in yourself and the dating process, so you portray your best self during your dates.

• Dating Coach Sessions

• Date Coaching

• Behavior Modification Coaching

Improve Yourself and the Dates You Experience

This Website Step-By-Step

About - About Epic Dates and the creator of "Formula Dates."

2) How This Works - This page explains the concept and our goals as to how we help people date better.

3) Formula Dates - This page explains the formula date cycle, so you have some idea of what to expect on each of the formula dates.

4) Add-ons - This page has all of the add-ons that you can add to your formula dates.

5) Dating Coach / Date Coaching - This page explains what you can get and expect from date coaching during a session with your dating coach.

6) Testimonials - This page lets you read testimonials from others who received help from Kristen's show, workshops, and programs since 2001.

7) All Products and Services - This web page displays everything together, in the proper order, on one page, so you can understand what this is and why it works helping people get more out of their dating experiences.

8a) Appointments - [You are here.] This page is for making appointments faster.

8b) Reservations - This page is for making a reservation for a date.

9) Click Here: Payments - This page offers payment options for things you may order that have a payment plan, such as marriage proposals or custom Epic Romance dates or other Epic planning services.

10) Contact page


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