What We Do and Why We Do It

We provide custom event planning services for dates and marriage proposals that are each unique and extraordinary.

Our primary service provides over fifty different date formulas that provide you with guided dates to help you get to know the person you are interested in while having fun. These dates are more constructive than traditional dates. The dates can help build and enhance new relationships, teach relationship skills for, and rekindle long-term relationships.

There are also upgrades and add-ons that provide endless personalizations for romance and/or adventures, so you will never repeat a date experience.
• More constructive than traditional dates,
• Affordable shared costs of an event planner for every date,
• Marriage proposals that are super romantic and fun,

The purpose of Epic Dates is to:
1) help people have happier, more fulfilling, healthier relationships that last a lifetime because these date formulas build a strong foundation that is based on purest peace, unconditional love, and free-spirited joy,
2) break the patterns of stress that can weigh people down and pull them apart,
3) make dreams part of our waking reality,
4) help improve our society as well as our interactions with people who care about.

We Solve Dating and Relationship Problems

Steps to building and living a wonderful life

Epic Dates solve modern dating and relationship dilemmas. Our mission is to make getting to know people easier and more fun while building deeper connections that bring people together over their lifetime. We nurture healthy bonding, build trust and intimacy in emotionally healthy ways, teach life skills and constructive relationship dynamics.

Epic Dates solve modern dating and relationship dilemmas. Our mission is to make getting to know people easier and more fun while building deeper connections that bring people together over their lifetime. We nurture healthy bonding, build trust and intimacy in emotionally healthy ways, teach life skills and constructive relationship dynamics.

The standard date packages are all-inclusive for the price. There are upgrades and add-ons available. Even in the same room with the same date package, we make each date different than that couple had any time they came in before. The upgrades and add-ons create endless possibilities for unique dates.

Epic Dates
Dating Coach
Date Coaching
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Kristen Pflibsen, HD, DD was inducted into the prestigious Marquis Who’s Who 2023.

In seventh grade, Kristen vowed to help society become a better place for us all to live by teaching step-by-step personal improvement and purest peace with unconditional love. To do so, she knew she needed to help herself first. The next twenty years, Kristen was on that mission.

The workshops, book series, online show, website articles, video snippets, and formula dates guide people through a process of becoming a well-rounded person with confidence who joyfully lives each day to its fullest. AspirationsWS.com provides free advice on topics such as how to break bad habits, healing from emotional trauma, help against abuse, bullying, suicide (to survive both sides), and a myriad of personal improvement topics. ILoveEpicDates.com offers bonding experiences growing healthy relationships during fun activities.

Students have found Kristen years later to thank her for drastically improving the trajectory of their lives after they accomplished goals set during their workshop. Kristen has earned dozens of certificates, been honored with awards and many testimonials of gratitude, but what is most important to her are those real people whose lives are better because she was able to help them. You can change your life for the better too.

Kristen is changing the entire concept of dating. Epic Dates are part of a multi-phase plan that works together for the same goal - to help people LOVE their life full of joyful moments with meaningful connections.

Knowledge, tools, and resources from the workshops are incorporated into the dates in fun ways, so there are also opportunities to become your personal best while having effortless fun! The dates are not like learning at all because the focus is to help people bond on a deeper level while simply playing together.

As a Certified Event Planner with a successful party business that had parties lined up for two years in advance, kids, teens, and adults raved positive accolades about Kristen's events, saying the themed 3D interactive backgrounds, centerpieces, customized games and activities were "amazing" and "so real, like really being there." She also managed events as Marketing Manager for several multi-million dollar companies. Kristen was awarded an Exemplary Achievement award given by the Commander of the Navy Submarine Base in Kingsbay, GA for her work as a Recreation Aide for Morale, Welfare, and Recreation for the Navy and Marine Corps. She ran another recreation club for single sailors years larer and they called Kristen's scavenger hunts "EPIC!"

Kristen has a unique talent of bringing extraordinarily creative events to life and she has a heart helping people with the tools and resources to make living dreams in every day life a reality.

Every date has an overall goal and an immediate goal, and Epic Dates provide a playful step-by-step guide for singles and couples to enjoy lasting companionship.

“It's a great day for an epic date!”


Unique Dates
We help singles connect and couples reconnect on fun, romantic dates. We provide tools and resources that have an impact in incredible ways while still being very easy-to-follow. Everything is included. You get to focus on what is really important --> enjoying quality time uninterrupted with your special someone.

The Concept
The core of our business model was created through 30 years of research, trials, and has incorporated what works into formulas that help people bond during goal-oriented dates that teach people how to connect, how to be their personal best, and teaches tools and skills organically while playing games and activities, so it is a fun experience.

Our Why
Have you struggled to connect with people or find a good match while dating? Do you need dating advice because you have problems building a relationship on a strong foundation so it can last? Are you in a relationship that is having troubles? We solve these problems and more.



We equip people with ways of utilizing resources and tools that improve their lives and our society so we can all live bonded in the unlimited joy of purest peace and unconditional love.


We provide dates, marriage proposals, gifts, resources, tools, and advice that help people bond on a deeper level thereby improving their satisfaction within their interpersonal relationships while they are having fun.


(Improvement) We aim to help all whom we come into contact with.
(Love) We love unconditionally as God so loves the world.
(Bonding) We listen to and care about the concerns of others.
(Peace) We experience life BEING purest peace, sharing purest peace, and showing how to live in purest peace.
(Joy) We are joyful and help others to be joy-filled too.


1. We will offer help that can equip others with resources, tools, and advice in the areas they express interest in.
2. We will not push people, but we may plant seeds that nudge by offering resources they can reach for themselves.
3. We will provide fun, educational “dates” that many people will enjoy.
4. Our pricing will be affordable while we provide customized and personalized services because we choose to invest in our customers’ well-being, for the betterment of the world we all live in together.
5. We will perpetually grow and improve.

This Website Step-By-Step

1) About - [You are here.] About Epic Dates and the creator of "Formula Dates."

2) Click Here: How This Works - This page explains the concept and our goals as to how we help people date better.

3) Formula Dates - This page explains the formula date cycle, so you have some idea of what to expect on each of the formula dates.

4) Add-ons - This page has all of the add-ons that you can add to your formula dates.

5) Dating Coach / Date Coaching - This page explains what you can get and expect from date coaching during a session with your dating coach.

6) Testimonials - This page lets you read testimonials from others who received help from Kristen's show, workshops, and programs since 2001.

7) All Products and Services - This web page displays everything together, in the proper order, on one page, so you can understand what this is and why it works helping people get more out of their dating experiences.

8a) Appointments - This page is for making appointments faster.

8b) Reservations - This page is for making a reservation for a date.

9) Payments - This page offers payment options for things you may order that have a payment plan, such as marriage proposals or custom Epic Romance dates or other Epic planning services.

10) Contact page

Tithes and Charities

We love to give! Ten dollars from every date goes to tithes and charities. This is not something we do after we make a certain benchmark. It is part of our processes and will always be that way because it is in our hearts to help those in need.

Our Causes
Charities we donate to include donating food to local food banks, donating money to causes such as women's abuse shelters, helping abused kids, NAMI, Arc, aiding in the fight against sex trafficking, providing food and medicine to people in need internationally, and the VBSPA. If you have a preference for the charity you would like your donation to go to, as long as it is a legitimate 501(c) non-profit, we could donate to your charity of choice instead.

Our Church
We tithe to Anchor Church in Virginia Beach.

Reviews of Epic Dates


"She was so shocked and impressed by all the planning that was involved in our date and she asked where the elves were hiding.


"Wow. This is such a great idea. It is necessary. I want to go through the whole process because I can really see this working to bring us closer together.


"How did you learn this stuff?! It is unlike anything I've ever heard of before. The dates provide so many tools and it is very well planned.


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